Monday, November 29, 2010

working too much

The past week I've been working on my online writing stuff way too much. I'm getting a ton of writing done, but it's really wearing me out. Now that I can see again, I'm going to unpack my painting stuff and at least play around. I can see colors more vibrantly now, so maybe that will make a difference in my paintings.

We'll see. I can't post any pictures, I don't have the right kind of camera at the moment. And I don't have any extra money for a new one right now. Maybe I will have some after Christmas.

I promised Nothing Profound that I would write a blog post tonight, and I can't think of anything! I am taking zombie pills right now, and that's not helping any (well, it's helping my anxiety, but not my brain fucntioning power!)

But I will leave you with one tip: don't drink and blog (or forum post:) It can only get ugly!

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